Kizze Design & Construction
About Kizze Furniture Design

Kizze Furniture & Design; established in 2006 with the aim of producing fixed and movable furniture, providing architectural & interior design, project management, application and controlling. During this period, Kizze attained a special place in its field in Turkey with the project realized on hotels, cafes, restaurants, houses, living areas, business centers, offices and also shopping centers.

Since its foundation, Kizze has a continuous progress in both domestic and international market based on innovative design and solutions, sustainable, high quality service provided to its customers.

Kizze is dedicated to create comfortable, high-performing, functional living areas according to its customer's imagination and expectation.

Beside bringing innovative solutions to places; Kizze also serves to its customers by supplying custom made fixed and movable furniture, office furniture, outdoor furniture, accessories and imported wallpaper in retail.

It is our responsibility to design and complete our projects as requested by our customers on time and without sacrificing quality. We are proud of being stood out due to our outstanding projects we have completed successfully.

Best Regards.